Fear Inoculum

Tool’s latest record is a compelling listen, and I couldn’t be any happier.

It just goes to show how powerful Tool’s influence is; when you have a world where people are overwhelmed with information and access to the entire history of music, as well as more entertainment forms than ever, they can release an album to an audience that has held a high level of anticipation for 13 years and cause a ruckus.

To the point where they were the number 1 trend on Youtube for the beginning of August and are currently competing with Taylor Swift in the charts.

I’ve always had my ears out for a new record. I love all of their discography but particularly like the hugely ambitious turn they took in the noughties with Lateralus and 10,000 days. The former being my absolute favourite.

A large part of Tool’s audience prefer Undertow or Aenima but what connects all Tool fans is there is always something to discuss about their music. It’s no wonder that there has usually been 5 years between each release because the level of depth and sophistication of each record is remarkable.

I honestly thought at some points, we would never see another Tool album. There seemed to be so many obstacles in the way, other commitments, family, musical endeavours, Maynard’s vineyard or potentially legal issues.

Making a record is elusive and when you want to release something that is inspired and fulfilling to oneself, it just takes time. It’s difficult to tell how long how much time it will take.

Fear Inoculum appears to cover many themes, namely the number seven and growing older and wiser, but as per usual when it comes to Tool, unpacking all themes requires patience, multiple listens and your undivided attention.

That’s what I gave this record, the first day it was released. I shut the curtains, played it through my speakers and sat there listening to the 80 minute opus and it was a zen like experience.

The sound of the album is absolutely incredible. Everything sounds gorgeous and there is a phenomenal amount of care that has been taken in designing the sonic landscape.

Since then, I can’t stop going back to listen to it.

The new album is not just a win for Tool fans but Music itself. This is the reason why.

In a world where popular and pandering for approval has run amok and the majors are signing teens that are singing about nothing that would remotely shift the culture. Tool stand their ground by doing things their own way, experimenting, taking their time and doing it all on their terms. You may not like this record, you may even hate it. That’s okay though, this record isn’t for you. But for those of us who love it…

13 years later, we finally have a new Tool album to immerse ourselves into.

And as grateful as I am to hear Fear Inoculum.

I hope it won’t be the last record they make.


My third single is called ‘Kaleidoscope’ and is now available to listen to on all streaming services.

The song was inspired by my travels abroad and the opportunities I have had to meet people from all around the globe as well as some of the different beautiful locations I have seen. In a world where there is apparently so much divide, I thought it would be worth writing a song that celebrates things about us that are different and yet still similar. 

RME – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Ben Elliott – Bass Guitar 
@aled_drums – Drums 
@andrew_bish – Co Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer 
@stevekitchmastering – Mastering Engineer 
@myhappylee_darleeorurbz – Artwork

Grey Day

My second single ‘Grey Day’ is released today.

You can listen to it on various platforms via the links below:

This is the first song I wrote entirely on piano. The result is a melancholy ballad about the worst possible days we can experience and getting ourselves through those moments.

Here are the credits:

RME – Vocals/Piano/String arrangements/Guitars

Emma Davidson – Bass Guitar

Ben Elliott – Bass Guitar

Aled Lloyd – Drums

Jiffy Griffiths – Percussion

Andrew Bishop – Recording and Mixing Engineer

Steve Kitch – Mastering Engineer

Darlee Urbiztondo – Artwork


Anything is Possible – Debut Single

Anything is Possible, my debut single is now available to buy and stream.

Below are the links to the following. A lyric video is available on YouTube, you can buy a hi res version of the track on Band Camp or alternatively, you can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming services.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this music happen.

Here the credits:

Music and lyrics written and arranged by Ryan Mark Elliott 

RME – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Producer 
Emma Davidson – Backing Vocals 
Ben Elliott – Bass Guitar 
Jiffy Griffiths – Percussion 
Aled Lloyd – Drums 

Andrew Bishop – Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer 
Steve Kitch – Mastering Engineer 

Darlee Urbiztondo – Artwork

A huge thanks to the tremendously talented bunch of people listed above. I am humbled by the heart and soul you put into this project and I immensely enjoyed working with you all.

This track was inspired by the novel with the same title by American writer Elizabeth Strout. One of the main characters becomes a writer and moves to a city far away from her home. I read it at a time when something very similar happened to myself!

Musical style wise, I’ve never written a track with as many pop sensibilities as this. It’s kind of a blend of New Wave (influenced by Tears for Fears and Sting) as well as Dream Pop (Mew and Beach House) there’s also a bit of funk in there too!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

Ryan Mark Elliott – Anything is Possible Lyric Video

Anything is Possible on Spotify

Anything is Possible on Band Camp

Anything is Possible debut single 7th June 2019

The first single from my debut solo record is called ‘Anything is Possible’

It will be released on the 7th June 2019.

Below is a snippet of the artwork done by the incredibly talented Darlee Urbiztondo.

You can find her work at https://instagram.com/myhappylee_darleeorurbz?igshid=py69iuoz1paq