Kinky Wizzards

Album – Quirky Musings (31/03/2017)

(c)WhiteKnightRecords 2017


Track Listing

1.) Caffeine Overdose

2.) Done With This Place

3.) Chocolate Teapot

4.) Kinky Joe From Mexico’s Burritos

5.) Door Dancing Penny Collector

6.) The Snake

7.) A Poltergeist in Glenmore

8.) Stomp Foot Syndrome

9.) Free Spirit

Eden Shadow

Album – Melodies for Maladies  (07/10/2016)

(c)WhiteKnightRecords 2016

Eden Shadow Melodies for Maladies

Track listing

1.) Ventriloquist

2.) False Prophet

3.) Burden of Power

4.) Introspect Part 1

5.) Introspect part 2

6.) Logos

Eden Shadow

Album – Phases

(c)WhiteKnightRecords 2014

eden_shadow_tunecoreTrack Listing

1.)First Phase



4.)Hope You’re Happy

                                           5.)Imagination (Feat. Nik Turner)

6.)Stars Unfold


8.)True Grace

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