Your Turn Challenge day 7 – A swing of momentum

What are you taking away from this challenge?

What a truly liberating and enjoyable experience this has been. After a week of accepting the challenge of writing an article every day and shipping out, I feel like I can actually do it, and that there is very little out there stopping me.

After just a week of writing, I have connected with the words of fellow writers across the globe, people have engaged with my own writing and it’s been amazing to see that there’s been this universal process of everyone wanting to express themselves.

Expressing yourself should be a normal thing, but it can be so difficult for some of us because we are held back by what other people think. By writing, we can disregard the latter, because we have created our own space where our writing is addressed to draw our perspective in a way that is complete and considered.

Furthermore, by writing, I am more focused in other areas of my life, my work, my leisure, my mind feels like it has been freed of something each time I write an article.

So my metaphorical hat off to Winnie Kao and Seth Godin for proposing such a marvellous idea. They have truly built a tidal swing of momentum, and I’ll be writing a lot more consistently from now on.

See you tomorrow!

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