Tigermoth Tales

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting a brilliant man named Pete Jones. I met him through my manager who has recently signed him on to White Knight Records. 

Despite being blind, an ailment that can’t be truly comprehended by those who don’t have it, he has an incredible talent for playing guitar and keyboards, along with a cracking voice. 

One thing that is pretty impressive is his ideasthesia to which he can relate touching objects to musical notes! (In the case of our meeting, the coffee table next to him was a middle C).

We discussed our love of Genesis, in particular, Selling England by the Pound as well as unconventional recording methods. I record with Logic and Pro-Tools and a very intrisacly detailed production process whereas Pete uses a 16 tape cassette and an Sm58 microphone! It sounds awesome too.

The thing I took most from our meeting though was his sheer joy at writing the music he wants to write. He was an X factor finalist on British television to which Sony, as a major label is susceptible to doing, treated him pretty mercilessly. That phase is past and his joy for music is now soaring and I’m proud to be involved in a musical community with him. 

Here is a recent video of him performing a song called A visit to Chigwick. It is distinctively British, does not take itself seriously and will be a nostalgic trip for many who grew up in the 70’s. 



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