Inspiration for the song

The next song to be released from my upcoming solo album is ‘Myopia’.

This is the darkest and heaviest track on the album. I wanted to write a song that captured the sense of disorientation I have experienced when following the news in the latter stages of the last decade. A lot of situations surrounding this may have occurred as a result of short sightedness and decision making based on the short term as opposed to the long term.

All the while there is the ever present and existential threat of climate change and the warnings from experts of the short amount of time we have left to do something about it.


There are some out there who would let the world burn 

If it’s for profit or self gain 

There are some who would let their pride get in the way

and steer us all off the rails 

There are some who will use their position of power

To exploit those around them 

There are some who lack so much compassion 

to question what virtue remains 

This is our world 

Our fragile world 

Before the wildfire spreads 

And the storms come raging in

Before our oceans drown in plastic 

Before our children suffer 

Let us look beyond our myopia 


RME – Guitars, Vocals, Moog, Keyboards

Emma Davidson – Backing Vocals

Ben Elliott – Bass Guitar

Aled Lloyd – Drums

Produced by RME and Andrew Bishop

Recording and Mixing Engineer – Andrew Bishop

Mastering Engineer – Steve Kitch

Artwork – Darlee Urbiztondo

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