Looking outwards vs. looking inwards

A lot of the problems that are occurring in the world today are because of the latter.

The way in which our media works intertwined with the swift evolution of our survival instincts makes looking inwards quite an understandable condition. The need for acceptance and approval, the need to feel loved, appreciated or the security as a result of wealth and or privilege.

The problems start occurring when those inward needs get in the way of others accessing theirs and when the decisions we make are motivated by fear. From my experience, this leads to a deep sense of unhappiness.

Looking outwards however creates possibility, instead of looking at what we can do for ourselves, we start thinking about what we can do for others, what can we create for others, what collaborations we can make happen and what contributions we can make and what communities we can bring together.

We have the choice, and by lifting up others, it is likely that you will be lifting yourself as well.

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