Getting through the slump

I’m a lifelong supporter of Liverpool FC.

The success that the team has enjoyed over the last couple of years has been unprecedented compared to the last thirty and it’s quite simply been a joy to watch a team play so well and so much positivity surround the club.

Although, last night’s game was a frustrating watch against Burnley where we lost 1-0 and saw the end of a four year long run unbeaten at the home ground of Anfield.

The team have not scored a goal in the last 4 games either.

The reaction on social media is as expected. Impatient, angry fans are usually the loudest and insist on money being spent or typing ‘insert name of person they think of responsible out’.

Despite the press talk and media response, knee jerk reactions rarely work.

It’s part of the game for a team to go through a slump, not have that much luck particularly on their side and the mentality and approach not quite clicking.

And part of what makes the sport so interesting is what teams choose to do when things are going against them.

There’s the disappointment, the knock in confidence and the criticism, but beyond that is reflection, introspection, analysis and a evaluative plan to move forward.

Setbacks will happen and it’s the manner in which we respond that counts.

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