Corruption in COVID Contracts

When the BBC decides to make the main headline a nothing story about Harry and Meghan, whilst Matt Hancock’s lack of transparency over COVID contracts has been deemed unlawful, we have a problem.

The handling of public money over COVID contracts and test and trace has been appalling. As highlighted by George Monibot, Millions of pounds went to unqualified friends, teenagers were left running distressing calls and lives that could have been saved, ultimately weren’t.

The fact that this has not been properly covered leads to the plain sighted fact that the U.K. has a problem with elite corruption, both within the way news media operates as well as the severe lack of accountability when things have gone devastatingly wrong due to incompetence across central government.

The general public is being done a disservice and we need to create new systems that are more just and have more representative, transparent and active democratic processes.

In the meantime, we are dealing with a dangerous level of corruption, cronyism and inequality.

Things have to change.

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