The pitfalls of media’s superficial obsession with age.

People lie about their age.

Furthermore, there is an unhealthy obsession with tagging the age of someone with their achievements

Forbes 30 under 30 list is designed to make 30 people feel good about their successes and then make thousands of people feel inadequate.

The music industry’s major labels seem hellbent on plugging and thrusting up careers of younger artists in their teens. No surprise that a lot of the music in the top 50 whilst to some extent, well crafted is also juvenile.

With age comes the virtues of maturity and experience, and more of an understanding of who you are and what kind of creative statement you want to make.

How old you are shouldn’t ever matter when it comes to your journey and what you are doing. It isn’t really anyone’s business to know what exact age you are anyway.

Shun the noise.

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