Dil Chahta Hai

is Hindi for ‘The Heart Desires’.

My girlfriend told me this was one of her favourite films and after watching it I understood why.

The film has a cult status in India and is loved by many. It is about three young men who have recently graduated and are finding their way in the world. This of course involves their professional vocations but then there are their love lives.

What is amazing about this film though is how it approaches this subject with an extraordinary sense of wisdom. Normally, Hollywood guy romantic comedies are outlandishly tongue in cheek and look to provoke crude laughs. Not to say that this film isn’t funny as it is at many points but it actually approaches the subject of love with a phenomenal sense of delicacy and complexity.

The film explores compassion, parental pressures and expectations, attachment, unconditionality, friendships and how they evolve through adulthood. It is a film with a tone that is understated but incredibly heartwarming and affecting.

I highly recommend it.

It will also make you want to visit Goa.

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