I’ve been rewatching the Bourne trilogy this weekend.

The original three films got it so spot on in terms of creating a spy thriller. A great premise, great level of intrigue and well executed set pieces.

The films are focused and none of them surpass the two hour mark.

This is a great example of a film that executes something within it’s genre to the point that it defines what the genre is. You think of spy films, you think 007, MI and Bourne.

As creators, we can get lost in the sea of what our genre is. I do all the time and my love for a lot of eclecticism means that I’ve delivered work that is far reaching to many corners. It’s hard to send a clear message about what your work is when that happens.

Working within the axis of genre and creative liberty lies innovation, and it also allows to focus on on who our work is for.

I’m very good at creating for myself, I’ve done it for over a decade. Now I’m learning to create for others, with genre in mind, with intent for who else it could be for and with empathy.

Let’s where it takes us.

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