Pandemic Burnout

Bute Park was full of people today. It’s of no surprise as well because as warmer temperatures, longer days and the optimism of Spring comes, we are eagerly waving goodbye to what has been a difficult winter period.

From a work point of view, it’s been tougher to find the motivation to create, especially with endless Zoom meetings that drain you mentally.

I forced myself out of the house and with a good reason of attending a rehearsal. To interact with other creators in person, even if it was just for a moment was a welcome change.

Even if we can’t interact, dance or enjoy life in the way we should normally do, these little moments are key for the sake of our sanity.

If Pandemic burn down is getting to you, I encourage you to turn off the screens, step outside and take a new direction, and try and find a way to interact with someone else in person, even if only brief and at a distance.

We will be past all of this soon.

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