Long term planning

Humans are not very good at it.

The agricultural and industrial revolutions have made us exceptionally good at utilising the Earth’s resources and improving lives for many of us, but it’s come at a cost.

And whilst I’m no expert or a virologist, I’m confident in saying that this pandemic is a cause of us taking our exploitation of resources too far, in particular the way we treat animals.

I greatly admire the innovations that have happened and developments of technology in the sustainable world of energy, but whilst there are many amazing people working in this field, there are those who are still working with resources that will benefit a minority in the short term whilst harming many of us in the long term.

We should not wait for disasters to bring out the best of us as that might be too late.

The choices we make today are essential in how we determine the course for the next century and the generations to come.

The fields that people choose to work in, the choices we make, the pressure we put on people in positions of power to live and work with the long term in mind is essential.

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