The War of Art

This book changed the way I think.

Steven Pressfield is the author of ‘The War of Art’ and the ingenious thing he did was give a name to something profound and huge that we all deal with.


Resistance is basically the part of your brain that wants you to be comfortable, not take risks, sit down, shut up and do your (day) job. Resistance doesn’t want you to elevate to higher levels because it’s too afraid of the anguish involved in activity that requires a high level of commitment and effort.

This last week, resistance has been grating away at me. It’s made me want to avoid creating, working and made me second guess myself. It isn’t going to go away.

I listen, I allow these thoughts to process, I say thank you but I’ll keep going and press forward, despite it’s incessant nagging. I finally managed to map out a new track and got into a flow state, where I was continuing with my work until 3am.

Once you overcome those voices, you can then engage with doing creative work and it gets easier once you overcome the hurdle of starting.

If you write, if you create, if you want to do something that elevates you, but you won’t because your being held back by something.

Read this book.

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