This series is excellent.

I am loving crime series at the moment, but Giri/Haji (or translated in English as Duty/Shame) was very unique in a good way.

Firstly, the BBC and Japanese collaboration made for a fantastic international experience with strong casts and contrasting locations. The style was a real fusion of British Crime and Japanese style.

If you don’t watch series or films because of foreign languages and subtitles, your loss.

Secondly, the intrigue wasn’t in the mystery itself, more the tension of the whirlwind so many characters found themselves in after a string of bad choices and the consequences they had on people around them.

There was a chaos to the series, it is absolutely brutal but also outright hilarious with some really captivating and charming performances, most notably from Will Sharpe and Aoi Okuyama.

It’s wonderful to live in a world where series that are really niche and out there can be enjoyed by it’s audience. It’s a shame it got cancelled after the first series, but the 8 episodes are a thrilling roller coaster and can be there to be enjoyed on demand.

I thoroughly recommend this series.

P.S. Speaking of ‘On Demand’. The amount of people still watching appointment viewed terrestrial TV is big, and the complaints for the blanket coverage on the royal death over the weekend were unprecedented!

Forgot the inane adverts and the energy needed to formally complain when your show of choice gets booted for the commentary about the commentary about the royal coverage…there are so many options available to you, which you can have all at your fingertips…now!

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