Vision comes to life

This has been a wonderful week for me. A lot of which is to do with the title, a vision coming to life.

Musical ideas I’ve been working on for a year came together in the studio. I also helped other musicians achieve their visions in the studio. I am honoured to be involved with so many projects and I’ll be sharing them as soon as I can!

Finally, I managed to attend a rehearsal of a string quartet who agreed to work on my piece. I cannot tell you how I elated I was to hear human performers playing a piece I wrote after months dealing with Sibelius midi and sample libraries.

It was a week where hard work from many people resulted in magical moments.

These heightened moments don’t happen every week. Many times, you have to thrash, grind and merely do the work and sometimes, it’s very hard to keep motivated.

But the moments I experienced this week are why I keep persisting through the tougher moments.

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