Working under pressure

When deadlines are tight and there is a lot to do, how do you cope when the pressure is on?

A little bit of stress is good and gives us the sense of urgency but when it gets too much, it can work against us in a way that’s negative not only in a professional sense but in a mental and physical way.

It’s important to find ways during this time to manage what you have to do, get into a mindset of getting it done whilst recognising the importance of exercising, eating well and taking time out for yourself.

Sometimes, stepping away for an hour or two is better for you than slogging through when your energy levels are depleted.

Finding systems to tick things off categorically, or make small hurdles for yourself as opposed to climbing a major mountain also help.

Either way, we sometimes have to find the means to cross the finish line, sweat it out and then rest and recuperate.

But it’s better to temper an approach to which you can cross the finish line sustainably than running yourself and crashing and burning beforehand.

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