We make decisions all the time. Many of which are small or at least seem it, whilst longer term impacts set in.

Take diet for instance, or committing to an exercise routine or pursuing a specialism. Deciding to enrol in these all offer long term outcomes.

But every now and then, we are poised with opportunities or possibilities that are monumentally big for us and bring about a fear of change or being uprooted.

So how do you decide?

Gut instinct certainly helps, but allowing time to meditate over choosing one thing above another and weighing up what you gain, what you sacrifice and what you compromise also helps.

Most importantly though, I think it comes down to your values, who you are and who you want to become. There may be external forces or pressure but it’s never good to deny who you are.

Either way, it also comes down to a willingness to dance with the unknown, we can only determine so much moving forward.

But for now, there’s the possibilities.

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