Celebratory endorsed hustle

Would you pay £45 for a celebratory to endorse what you’re selling?

Breaking this down here, this is £45 for a 1 minute recording of someone reasonably well known on a national scale talking about your product.

If you want my answer, it would be NO! Resoundingly so.

First and foremost, budgets are already tight to get anything done to any decent standard, secondly it’s a rip off, and the fact that celebrities stoop so low as to charging a fortune for a minute or so of their time to talk about you or wish your family member Happy Birthday is a bit tacky, desperate and quite frankly an abuse of status.

I apologise if this comes across as very strongly opinionated, but in terms of ethical value, this kind of stuff grates me and doesn’t sit well at all.

If you’ve done something with integrity, authenticity, professionalism, clarity of intent and quality, you do not need to pay hard earned money for a minute of someone’s time to use their status to sell you.

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