Using leverage for good

Footballers tend to get scapegoated a fair bit.

Upon initial glance, it’s obvious as to why. They are paid a lot of money for what is essentially a wonderful irrelevance. They are involved in a global business where a lot of sketchy economics and corruption occurs.

Yet, more than most other forms of celebrity, I point to footballers who are doing good.

Marcus Rashford pretty much single handedly forced the Tories to U turn on their cruel stance on free school meals.

Jordan Henderson is campaigning fiercely to stop anti racism.

Trent Alexander Arnold has launched a campaign to tackle child poverty.

Andy Robertson is working to make healthcare and football more accessible.

Mohamed Salah’s presence in Liverpool has decreased Islamophobia and he launched an anti drug campaign in Egypt.

Juan Mata, Mesut Ozil, the list goes on.

So to tar all footballers with the same brush is a bit assumptions and unfair. It’s a lot more grey than that.

And for those listed and the ones I’ve omitted who are using their privilege and leverage to do good have my upmost respect.

I would call on anyone in that position to explore their values and get behind a cause.

And you don’t need to be a footballer or celebrity to do that as well. There’s a lot of work everywhere that needs to be done, to make things better.

Social media steers us towards the self, and whilst that is a normal and to be expected, using it for good certainly has it’s virtue.

And credit where due to all of those who use their power to do some good.

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