Do first, inspiration later

When I write my daily articles, I get inspiration from the fact I have to write them daily. I got very annoyed with myself for missing yesterday as well!

When I write an album, I set out a vision for what I want to create through the process of writing down ideas of aesthetic, sound-worlds, reference points and tiny fragments of ideas.

Inspiration when it comes is amazing and I love it when it happens. It normally happens when I am walking or cycling but you cannot rely on or attach yourself to inspiration to getting work done. Otherwise it becomes a trap where you feel you can’t achieve anything because you are not inspired.

It is from putting down a practice routine, embedding a fruitful and rewarding habit that we manifest a body of work that we can be proud of and from my experience, inspiration is a heck of a lot easier to come by when you are in the process of doing something than waiting around for a signal to tell you so.

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