CPR and split second choices

Watching the footage of Christian Ericksen yesterday was so distressing.

Euro 2020 is a sport many of us have been looking forward to but yesterday’s event really puts a perspective on the importance of life and the fragility we are all subject to.

We are perhaps more fragile than we’d like to think and reminding ourselves of this is a bittersweet reminder to really seize the moments in our life.

The way everyone responded to the situation, the surrounding of the player, the teammates attending to him, consoling each other, and the quick actions that medical staff and the referee took were all thoroughly commendable. Those quick choices saved a life. The respect for each other from the fans from both sides in attendance was also lovely to see.

I think everyone should learn CPR and first aid basics. It’s a mandatory requirement for many jobs but for those moments where tragedy strikes, being as prepared as we can for dealing with those moments is of upmost importance.

Let’s hope we don’t see this again as the Euros entertain us all and may Ericksen recover swiftly.

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