Leaning back into it

I’ve had several conversations recently with people who express the fear of going back to certain things, post Covid era. These certain things could be a profession, such as live music or the close social interactions that will take place again.

This is all perfectly understandable. We are creatures of habit and not having been able to do these things would have certainly have had their impact on us psychologically.

There will undoubtedly be fears of doing certain things that have manifested as a result of lockdowns and a resistance towards being able to commit to these things will be a mental barrier for many, but we overcome these fears by merely leaning back into the action of doing these things.

If it so happens that you are playing a live show for the first time in a while, breathing it all in, taking in that moment where you there providing music in front of people and not judging yourself too harshly if there are a few cobwebs to brush off is a good place to start.

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