Professionalism in communication

Communication is a key skill at the heart of every single organisation and operation and it’s really surprising how often I’ve seen this done badly.

If you work for a company, you want to know up front what their values are, and what purpose you serve, having a management tell you that up front and letting you know what is expected of you allows you to have a firmer grasp on what contribution you make.

When it comes to politics in organisations and motivations behind certain decision making, having communication that firmly establishes what is being done and why is of upmost importance. Otherwise, frontline workers start becoming cynical about their head office staff.

Education and Health. Two of the most important factors in a country are always marred by professionals trying to do their job being dictated by ministers who know nothing about the day to day details.

Freelancers setting deadlines to serve clients, responding to messages and emails in a timely manner, receiving and paying invoices. When all of this is done as is expected, it is a heck of a lot easier to establish trust and mutual respect.

With every will in the world, you can have the best intentions and the desire to do good work, but if there is a gap in communication, then it’s more likely that that goodwill is eroded.

It’s good to know where we all stand and are at with everyone else.

Do first, inspiration later

When I write my daily articles, I get inspiration from the fact I have to write them daily. I got very annoyed with myself for missing yesterday as well!

When I write an album, I set out a vision for what I want to create through the process of writing down ideas of aesthetic, sound-worlds, reference points and tiny fragments of ideas.

Inspiration when it comes is amazing and I love it when it happens. It normally happens when I am walking or cycling but you cannot rely on or attach yourself to inspiration to getting work done. Otherwise it becomes a trap where you feel you can’t achieve anything because you are not inspired.

It is from putting down a practice routine, embedding a fruitful and rewarding habit that we manifest a body of work that we can be proud of and from my experience, inspiration is a heck of a lot easier to come by when you are in the process of doing something than waiting around for a signal to tell you so.