The Euro 2020 final

This is going to be a really interesting one.

Italy are unbeaten in 30 plus games. Their central defenders are veterans that still possess a relentless and pure desire for success. Their midfield and attack have also been super impressive and they have a tactical master in their manager Mancini. They also sway the ref with their operatics.

England are at home. Southgate has built a team spirit unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a three lions squad and they have an abundance of quality all over the pitch and on the bench.

So I can honestly see it going to extra time and beyond.

And despite being Welsh, I would like to see England do well, because the if the team do win this evening, they would have deserved it. (Sue me.)

It’s worth remembering that football is a wonderful irrelevance.

I love the tactics, the battles, the stats and the passion and discussion it creates. Worth mentioning that the Tifo podcast has been tremendous.

I dislike the tribalism, false sense of superiority and some portions of fan bases driving some deluded ideal of nationalism with football. (This is not just exclusive to one country).

So booing national anthems is not just disrespectful, it’s also pathetic.

Need anything more be said about the idiot pointing a laser at Kasper Schmeichel’s eyes during the penalty.

Football as much as anything else is about mutual respect.

It’s why the England players still decide to take the knee, not because their Marxists, but because they are done with all the moronic racism that still runs amok.

I look forward to the match tonight, and whatever the outcome, both teams have done themselves proud, and I hope the positives of the game are more elevated than the negatives.

Let’s hope it’s not a super spreader event either.

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