Lifting up or putting down

Every single thing you say, every interaction you have with everyone around you has the potential to have this impact.

And we all want to feel the former.

Nothing drags like an interaction with someone who conducts their interaction with you in a way that is condescending or aloof, it’s a lot of the time, completely unnecessary.

How many people work with a boss or manager, and just because they’ve got that title, think they can use that status as a means to put themselves on a pedestal by looking down on those who work for them?

What we say has huge ripples in the atmosphere of our environments and those who have a atmosphere that handles mistakes, failure and accountability in a way that is considered and empathetic, balanced with celebrating success, acknowledging good work and displaying gratitude are much more likely to want to stick around.

Otherwise, you have people leave or showing up miserable because they can’t leave.

We can nurture the environments we are part of. What do you want to bring to everyone each day?

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