My biggest guitar influences: Adam Jones

When I heard Tool for the first time, I knew it was a band that was special. Despite only having released five albums in 30 years, the band have a loyal following that is ridiculously passionate about their music…and with good reason.

The intricacy to which Tool write their pieces is quite remarkable, and they spend a long time agonising over guitar, bass and drum parts that interweave in a way that is not only technically sophisticated, but musically and aesthetically spot on for what they set out to achieve. I love the tribal quality of their music and Adam Jones plays a part that is reserved but subtly challenging. His riffs, tone and rhythms are always captivating. I’ve yet to see them live and really hope I get the opportunity to do so.

My top Adam Jones tracks.


Prison Sex


Forty Six and Two

The Grudge




The Pot



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