My biggest guitar influences: Prince

Prince had so much charisma when he was alive it was beyond belief. I would have loved to have seen him live. He hired killer musicians and put on a killer show and had that special electricity to just put raw energy and groove into everything he did.

The guy had an enormous work ethic and listening to the vault podcast about his writing process is awe inspiring. He produced a catalogue that is relentless and ambitious. He was quite shy in person and during interviews, but on stage, he had a persona that could grip entire arenas.

The way he plays guitar mind is tremendous. He’s got killer groove but he can also solo and make the guitar soar.

It’s great that his music and live videos have become more available. I think more of my generation needs to know his music.

My top Prince tracks:

I wanna be your lover




Let’s go Crazy

When Doves Cry

Purple Rain

Sign of the times

Raspberry Beret

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