Long term planning

I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Liverpool for this season. They played rather well today too.

There’s this expectation that because Man City and Chelsea have spent big, they are the main contenders, and they would be right! Man United are in that category as well, such is the modern game we see today.

And some (to put it bluntly) plastic fans are kicking up a hissy fit because Liverpool haven’t bought big this season but if you look closer, they are securing long term contracts with players who have grown and established themselves whilst younger players are coming into the fray.

Maybe another signing could happen, but it’s not a necessity, and we will see if the squad has enough depth.

But the ethos of Liverpool, as it is with a team like Brentford is to be admired and it’s great to see some teams thrive when they’ve played the long game in terms of their recruitment and belief.

Over in Spain, we are seeing Barcelona suffer the sever consequences of spending big and beyond their means and it’s frankly astonishing that a club of that stature has got itself into such a mess.

It’s satisfying to see a club buy into the long term ethos, and I think companies, artists and all sorts of organisations can reconsider ways they plan their way forward to plan for success, and succeed with integrity and dignity.

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