Summer’s end

Summers in the U.K. are quite something.

They are a mixture of optimistic hope as days grow longer in spring and days and evenings are lighter, and a mixture of agonising dread as days are dominated by rainfall such as what we had in May and many periods in August.

Throughout this summer, when sun has come out without disruption, I’ve made the most of the weather, I’ve sat out at parks, I’ve walked through countryside and I’ve cycled hundreds of kilometres.

I’ve sat outside, enjoying drinks with friends and taken in the blue skies and beauty that we are surrounded by in South Wales.

As we come to September, the academic year starts, but normally we are graced with quite lovely and cool weather and as days grow shorter and colder, I’ll think back on this summer fondly as a time I became fully acquainted with home and the beauty that surrounds me. Especially after having spent many years travelling.

Summer has been a period for me to be active physically but take it easy mentally and with my creative work, which is at times very consuming.

I’m ready to come back to it a bit more fresh and sometimes the best thing you can do for a project is step away from it for a short while.

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