I genuinely find the experience of buying tickets infuriating at times.

And it’s remarkable how squeezed out of tickets you are if you are not with the 02 network. They have a dominance over the U.K. live music scene.

So Tool are coming to the U.K. and I knew this was going to be a hot ticket so I had my laptop ready at 9am to order.

So, the ‘buy tickets’ opened at 9:03am and I was put into a queue of about 2500 people, it took about ten minutes to get through. When I finally got through, I had to deal with a poor website page that told me seats were available when they weren’t.

It took me 20 attempts and that point, I thought I had missed out. So I changed venues and that did the trick. I finally secured tickets.

The whole process though was unnecessarily stressful due to the website being completely lacking in user friendliness and reliability.

Others weren’t so lucky and the page crashed on them.

And then before long, you see Viagogo promoting tickets for a extortionate multiple of the original ticket price! It’s completely unethical and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

So there are a myriad of obstacles to deal with when buying tickets and it’s situations like this where the customer is on the back foot.

So Live Nation and Ticketmaster need to figure out how to make their pages work when dealing with high volumes. If they are the two main players, there shouldn’t be excuses.

And Viagogo and secondary ticket touts need to be cracked down on. How many times does the news have to discuss it and acts have to tweet not to use this service before it dies a death?

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