Art isn’t a luxury

But that’s how the government treats it.

The posters of Fatima still remain a coarse image of the undervalued perception that the Tories have of Ballet dancers, and musicians and all creators.

Art is essential. If you’re looking to contradict that, then ask yourself if you’ve managed a day without visualising something that is artistic let alone spending your time engaging with it. It’s what we do to understand things better, ourselves and the world around us.

And when art is marginalised in education, the wider society suffers for it.

All children and young people should be able to engage and pursue their art further and be given the opportunity to do so with support and a sense of serious ambition.

Unfortunately, I fear that many people continue to be squeezed out because of their lack of money or privilege.

Music, I always hold dear to my heart, and for all the ambitions I hold personally, I know how powerful music can be socially and within community.

Art is much more than a luxury, it’s at the essence of life itself.

And those in power should give opportunities for art, not take them away.

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