Art is not a luxury.

I still don’t know what the conservatives mean when they say ‘levelling up’.

And I’m sick of our current government painting art as merely a trivial luxury.

Reading the Guardian article on the government’s desire to limit student numbers for creative courses for the sake of reducing student loan debt is profoundly infuriating.

It isn’t just about reducing student loans. It’s about limiting opportunity, discrimination against the poor (which they always do!) and quashing down any voices that speak truth to power.

The Fatima advert should still be prevalent in everyone’s memory about how tone deaf Boris Johnson and his crew are.

Not everyone is meant to be an engineer or a scientist.

And every single time I see a student, steered away from their love of the arts for the sake of pursuing science, it’s at the cost of regret, time felt as wasted and disillusionment. I’ve lost count of how many times I have had this conversation.

To any progressive society, the arts play a pivotal role in the culture. The arts besides providing the opportunity to entertain us, has every potential to enrich our lives, encourage us to think and see the world in different ways and make positive changes moving forward. And all of this can happen in tandem with EVERY profession.

Instead, the Tories would rather everyone be a cog in a system, exasperate inequality and have a country that is coarse and inward looking.

There is more to life than economic growth.

And you can’t sell the idea of levelling up if you plan on reducing the amount of opportunities for education.

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