Mapping out time

New Year’s Eve is an odd event. It’s a party, it’s a hootananny, it’s hype and anticipation and fireworks and it can be a drunken blur or a suitably peaceful anti-climax.

New Year’s Day is lazy and I like it! There’s a holiday sense to it and it’s usually a peaceful day and that is what it was for me.

And inevitably, there is some sense of reflection involved. The culture drives it when it comes to food and activity for instance. Cue the noon diets and gym memberships in response to the overindulgence of Christmas.

It’s all a bit of an illusion. It’s easy to lose sense of time through the holiday period and the significance of Christmas and New Year’s Day disorientate us. Before long, the weeks of January kick in, work kicks in and we are back into routines.

When it comes to mapping out time, seasons lend themselves to certain things as do holiday periods, but to engage in short, medium or long term possibilities can happen at any time and possibility is available to us all. I like to think we can control those things to some extent as opposed to time dictating it for us. Small choices and steps are available to us now to make things better.

For me personally, 2021 was one of the most creatively diverse years of my life. I made a vast amount of music and collaborated with so many brilliant people and now as we enter 2022, I look forward to sharing my work with you.

I wish everyone peace of mind, success and happiness as we enter the New Year.

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