Until the Stars Align – New Music Release

My new single ‘Until the Stars Align’ is now out.

This is the first single to be released from my new upcoming solo record.

You can listen to the track on all streaming platforms.

A huge thanks to the wonderful team of people involved in making this track. Here is the list of credits

RME – Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Producer, Mixing Engineer

Andre Bishop, Co-Producer, Recording and Mastering Engineer

Aled Lloyd – Drums and Percussion

Dan Nelson – Bass Guitar

Emma Davidson – Vocals

Daniel Soley – Voice

Niamh O’Donnell – Voice

Darlee Urbiztondo – Artwork

Here are links to the track:





Until the stars align 

I’ll just bide my time and do what I can 

In this present set of circumstance, what else is there?

Unfurling tragedy, 

the only remedy is to sit and wait it out 

But what of the time, that’s in between?

Until the stars align 

I’ll just bide my time 

Until the stars align, 

We’ll commit the time to keep the spark alight 

Even if it’s just your face and your voice 

We can talk about our days 

And the many ways we keep our hopes alive

For the moment when, we reunite. 

Until the stars align 

One day at a time

Until the stars align 

One day at a time 

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