I remember hearing ‘Lemonade’ and then ‘Bipp’ and being completely baffled.

As a student, teacher and writer of music, it is hard for me not to listen to music taxonomically and usually I can get a rather good sense of what is going on with the production, but with Sophie, I had to admit I was completely mystified by a lot of what was going on.

Whilst her own work is an acquired taste, there is a lot to be admired. Her approach was bold, out there and adventurous. Her music was ever captivating and that’s what an artist is meant to do, explore the edges as that is where things get really interesting.

Her virtuosity, attention to detail and creativity meant that her work is well loved by many and besides her own work, she was building an extensive list of collaborations including Charli XCX and Madonna. I would argue that a lot of the sounds listeners are hearing are a result of her influence (despite her perhaps not being widely known).

Furthermore, Sophie’s debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides explored identity, non conformity and transcendence and offered solace for many. I read someone say that Sophie’s artistic influence held them with embracing transition.

Sophie was a linchpin in a scene that has offered some of the most interesting and adventurous contemporary pop music and the fact that she has lost her life in an accident is tragic when undoubtedly she had so much to offer.

Her legacy and work will continue be influential for the future of electronic music.