An interesting challenge

What a concept!

Football would be nowhere near as interesting if you’re team was winning all the time.

That’s why the Premier League is considered one of the best in the world because different teams can win it, (compared to the rest of Europe’s top leagues).

One of the crutches of the game however, is this incessant need to create a media storm of rumours when things aren’t going well for a team. The seeking of short term solutions when progress and development takes time.

No true follower of Liverpool would in their right mind want Klopp out of the door. Besides the pandemic, there are an extraordinary set of circumstances that has inhibited my team’s chance of retaining the title. Injuries have run amok, and losing Van Dijk was a game changer as his role in the team is not only key for defence, but our attack as well (as was brilliantly explained in a video by TIFO).

After being bombarded by inane questions at a press conference today, some which were stupid, others to be quite frank outright disrespectful, Klopp described the situation as an ‘interesting challenge’.

That kind of attitude and outlook is to be admired. Things aren’t going well, there have been mistakes mixed with a string of bad luck.

Going forward, there are choices, you can stick to your guns or change tact, you can pivot, you can reflect, evaluate and steer forward.

If you’re in the limelight, undoubtedly you’ll always get the flood of negative nonsense thrown your way to which you can shun it with dignity and focus on the interesting challenge.