White Tiger

I feel blessed to be able to tap into international cinema.

The recently released ‘White Tiger’ the Indian film that in brutal fashion, explores class struggle with a feature length running metaphor of a rooster in the coop that holds its weight from start to finish. The film is a modern day Dickinson fable.

Rarely do I watch a film where nearly every scene has dialogue that hits like a sucker punch on the reality of inequality in India and beyond.

When I lived in Dubai, I was called ‘sir’ by people serving me more times than I’d like to. I heard stories of people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who send the majority of their salaries to support their families at home.

Hundreds of millions of lives, that are depraved of education, a proper financial net for basic needs and opportunity.

There is every possibility that this can change. We have the means and we have the resources but do the people in power have the desire?

There’s a running trend in impeccable films that are starting to explore the same theme of inequality. ‘Parasite’ and now ‘White Tiger’ don’t shy away from these themes that are of today and translate internationally.

‘White Tiger’ shines a light of truth of the reality on India, and in one instance, dismisses the hope of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in a single line.

The situation for too many is hopeless.

I can’t recommend this film enough. It’s well worth a watch and make you think a lot.