Fuelling a divisive reaction.

Piers Morgan stands for so much of what is wrong about Twitter and social media in general.

No wonder he was spotted by Murdoch at so young an age for News of the World. He knows how to take a subject and throw a media storm over it, even if it contributes absolutely nothing beneficial to the narrative.

Morgan is a professional troll, and feeds off the excitement he causes by bloviating his undesirable opinion about high profile people, who, funnily enough tend to be black women. You can decide for yourself whether that is a noteworthy trend or not.

Simone Biles has nothing to prove. She’s overcome enough and achieved a significant amount already at the highest sporting level and if pulling out of the Olympic finals is the right thing for her to do, who am I or anyone else, especially a egoistic, narcissistic patriarchal media mogul maniac to dispute that?

Mental and physical connections are so important, especially when you are flying through the air, and the recent articles pertaining to Biles’ current struggle with twisties and the danger it creates in gymnastics means that Morgan has no argument whatsoever.

Not that he cares though, because his intention is about creating a reaction. An argument created for the sake of creating an argument.

He wants to fuel anger, he wants to have every reason to attack snowflakes and the woke and every time he does it, people take the bait. Look at his feed, and it’s depressing, but also illuminating of his mentality. You’ll quickly notice it’s about him being attacked now more than it is about what he said in the first place.

And what ensues is a 24 hour hate fuelled social media storm and what is ultimately achieved in the long run?

Nothing positive.

So what’s the solution?

Ignore him. Let him continue to be a keyboard warrior in his own echo chamber and don’t take the bait.

Easier said than done.

The social media companies don’t care about whether he’s fuelling hate and they’ll do nothing in response and his blue tick and platforms means his message is widespread.

But so long as we react, we give him what he wants.