Chosen Family

Pop songs released today rarely have much sincerity or authenticity.

At least not on the level of ‘Chosen Family’ by Rina Sawayama.

And the collaboration with Elton John is extraordinarily poignant given the context of the song. (Credit to Elton John, he’s the most vocal and enthusiastic legend about new music and gets involved…respect!)

Sawayama’s debut album last year was one of my favourite releases. Musically, it’s eclectic and doesn’t cater specifically to a genre, so much to the point that a lot of labels turned down signing it…more fool them!

‘Chosen Family’ focuses on a theme that runs through the album that deals with the question of family legacy and how you navigate through your life when things with your parents or immediate family is defined by tension and a lack of acceptance.

It could be because of your sexual orientation, or Dreams for the future or anything else for that matter. In that situation, friends become even more important and whilst we can’t choose our blood relatives, we can choose the friends we have and make a family out of them, and share our stories, vulnerabilities and love.