The live experience

Playing live is something I sorely miss.

Getting together with my band the Kinky Wizzards has been tough and the times where easing of lockdown restrictions have been precious.

The moments where we have been in a room together have seen us play with absolute joy and an untempered level of focus and energy.

In absence of something, the heart can grow fonder and there is most definitely a yearning for concerts and live music to happen once again. When it does, there will be an extraordinary level of appreciation and elation. We must not forget that a lot of live music can blossom from underground scenes and grass roots venues in the U.K. should be receiving more support.

In the meantime, we do what we can and are planning a livestream event in the Spring. We also managed to record a live video which you can view below. The track is called ‘Sur La Dordogne’ and was inspired by our annual trips to France and the river that we have a tradition of going on a canoe trip.

Our latest album ‘The Effervescent Travellers’ is available on Bandcamp where you can either buy a digital copy or order a CD.

Sur La Dordogne – Live at Music Box, Cardiff

One response to “The live experience

  1. Did spontaneous live Vox at a doctor’s surgery- end of hours. Distanced masked…. Was doing the hand washing thing. Honestly the advisory sing Happy Birthday had me thinking hmm…. those who do are tricking their brains and must be millennia old… so, audience of bedraggled looking souls dejected and tired burst in to the alternative version as did a long hadwash. Rock stylings gravel voiced, off the top improv changing the lyrics. That laugh and a smile and just a live moment with others a long distance away rocked. Left the reception and done for looking doctors chuckling. Highly recommended spontaneous performances. What’s the worst that can happen- look daft in public (when get out!) that’s creativity and music live every time- triple scene making and could look real daft.

    Personally been locked down 10.5 months majority solitary in studio, health stuff… so, was the only gig nobody agreed to, I didn’t even know, and the best & only this year.

    Laughs and smiles all round. That’s my tonic to no live music. Streaming to a camera just doesn’t have that in real life energy where you can see the audience affect live and directly without any devices- own eyes IRL! Can’t beat it

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