New creative paths.

I’ve made 5 studio albums and I’m proud to say that each one of them is unique and different.

There are processes I repeat on a routine basis but there are other things I’ve moved away from, be it because my tastes have changed or what I did before was naive.

I’m working on my 6th album and I’m adopting new things I’ve never done before and it’s exciting. One thing I’m working with a lot more is synthesis and it’s uncomfortable because I’m working in an area where I’m not entirely sure what the creative outcome is. But that is part of the fun.

With each new project is an opportunity to try something different, follow a new path and evolve.

3 responses to “New creative paths.

  1. Hear that. Had a stylings switch up. In all honesty, do you ever get a slight sense of anxiety while treading new ground?

    I suspect would find that more easy personally if in same room- which of late it’s been remote collaborations with people all over the World.

    That is an amazing thing to be able to put together albums across huge distance the internet affords. Yet the absence of bouncing off your mates/ fellow musicians, in the same room. Even production that isn’t me or someone far off who’s reaction is slow in picking up tracks and issuing feedback.

    Do you predominantly work in same room? Has Covid changed this?

    Too many questions?

    Curious. Been reading your posts and interesting and spot on stuff, especially YouTube saturation with dross- my words to summarise that post on quality content.

    • I think it would be very strange to not feel anxiety when switching it up. So much time is spent trying to find your voice and verify your decisions.

      Collaborations are always great as well and I’ve been lucky to participate in some forms of it over the last year. Some have successfully ran remote sessions. Audio movers helps with sound over video calls and is quite cheap!

      I work alone on a lot of my projects, currently planning my next solo record and won’t be seeing my drummer until the studio, but the work he’s sent me remotely has been killer. My work with Kinky Wizzards is very much about the three of us bouncing off each other in a room.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions!

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