Price setting

I am currently listening to the Liverpool match on the radio. Besides needing to work at the same time, I’d love to watch it in a pub with some drinks but that’ll be post COVID Era.

Either way, paying £10 for a pass for the privilege of watching one game is a bit of a joke.

Prices for viewing sports in the U.K. is extortionate and arguably exploitative of the passion that football fandom creates.

The irony is that broadcasters would probably do better business if they charged less because students like myself would not be so hesitant about a steep pay wall.

Netflix produces an astonishing amount of content for a monthly fee. Streaming means you have the history of music at your fingertips for a very cheap fee. Amazon has become a global corporate powerhouse because the company knows how to set prices.

Sports could do with being less greedy. I don’t know whether they care, but for now, radio and highlights it is.

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