Personal bests

I have been really enjoying using Strava through the lockdown.

I have been tracking both my runs and cycles and accumulating all the hours and kilometres that I have undertaken in activity.

On Monday evening, I set a new Personal Best on my run. I did 5km in 21:04 and 10km in 45:42.

I’m really happy with both, but determined to push it further. This has been the result of 6 months of training, and trying to get consistency.

Having an app like Strava is an opportunity for you to show whether you’re being consistent or not, showing up and putting exercise into your routines and tracking your progress. You also get to follow others on their journey. It’s social media used in a way that’s focused on something positive.

Running and cycling are both things o enjoy regardless, especially the adventures involved with the latter but having an app that helps me track where I am at is a wonderful incentive.

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