Take 100!

Have you ever tried recording a video of yourself talking?

All of a sudden you’ve lost the ability to talk.

Words fail you and what comes out of your mouth is a salad of letters and sounds that are incoherently marred by stammers.

It’s stressful!

I’m currently doing a video presentation and it took me the entire day to record 11 minutes of me talking in a way that was clear and acceptable.

There were a few strategies I adopted to make sure I could do it:

1.) I would get frustrated when I got it wrong, cry, swear, then let it pass. You can delete and do it again. I accept this is part of the process.

2.) Drink water. Staying hydrated helps you pass air through your body.

3.) I opened my mouth when talking and breathed from my diaphragm. I took my time and made sure I wasn’t rushing.

4.) I did some vocal warm ups which helped me improve the warmth of my tone of voice and the pronunciation of words.

Presenting to a video or recording a podcast are skills and require practice. It’s different from normal conversation but with the repartition of processes that prove effective, you will improve.

That’s the take.

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