Listening to physical signals

I wanted to go cycling this morning. I have gotten into a really good routine with it and wanted to push myself. Same with running.

I have however clocked 100km in the last 7 days and also had a lot of work on the go and on Friday, my back and shoulders became achy and uncomfortable.

I am very obstinate and will try to push myself but at this point I had to concede defeat and not go ahead with the cycling today and take some time out.

When we are on a hedonic treadmill, looking to push ourselves and on a stream of adrenaline, we feel that flow and momentum and keep going.

Sometimes though, your body tells you otherwise and an inner conflict ensues. It’s good to listen to your body instead of your mental desires because sometimes ignoring the former will prolong the damage and recovery period.

I will be back out there again, but for now, recuperation.

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