International Woman’s Day

There needs to be an understanding why there is a day dedicated to women.

It’s because there is plenty of evidence to suggest the following:

That women get more response and credibility if they give themselves a male alias.

That women don’t get paid equally to men.

That women have standards held up against them that require them to be feminine first above anything else.

That signals have been placed deep within our systems and the culture give male people the benefit of the doubt whilst rejecting women.

I have been inspired by many great women who are artists, authors, musicians and teachers. Both men and women alike are responsible for a myriad of wonderful things but it’s been harder for the latter to gain recognition for it or a seat at the table.

As we move along in the 21st century, we need to continue doing what we can to make sure that individuals and systems treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Noting the issues that create the unfairness and judgement is the first step.

Taking action to ensure things are better is the next step.

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