All a Ruse

Social media sure as hell feels like that at times.

The social dilemma confirmed it as well.

Whilst there is every possibility for connection to happen on the networks and as much as their CEOs will say that connection is key, the priority is the money whilst you become adverts to the advertisers whose algorithms mean they advertise back to you.

What is social media for otherwise? Is it to contribute, to send messages to people who want to hear it? Is it about learning and accessing accurate information?

Or is it about noise? Is it about your bias being confirmed? Is it about reaching your heightened emotions and cause reactions that are hatred and anger based? Is it about propelling yourself up as you get addicted to the unspoken drug that is approval?

Sounds exhausting.

And if it is, the remedy is to shut it off, go outside, breathe the air, read a book or create something.

You’re worth and experiences are of much more value than clicks and follows will ever give it credit for.

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