Who is it for?

I made my debut solo album for myself.

It’s eclectic, weird, unconventional crossover progressive rock music that I wrote about my experiences. I wrote it because I needed to express myself artistically and musical creativity is part of my nature.

If anyone happens to find something, that’s resonating with them, that’s great and I’m really glad they are tuning in but it’s coincidental.

When I play music in other context, I have to employ some empathy. What is the purpose of the music I make, who is it serving. If it’s theatre or film, it needs to work as underscore, if it’s a performance in a pub, it needs to involve crowd pleasers. Cue Stereophonics when the Welsh pubs reopen.

Crowd pleasers can often bring an inner sense of conflict.

The artists who want to play their new stuff but the audience wants the hits.

The musician who took the gig but doesn’t believe in the music.

How much are you willing to compromise? Are you happy to be there in front of the crowd or is the lack of personal integrity too much to bare?

Professionalism lies in the ability to discern between creating work for yourself and for others but also knowing if and when your selling out and deciding whether the trade off is worth it for you showing up and performing.

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