Consistency and intent

The algorithms of social media reward you for feeding the machine, constantly.

It’s why I found it of no surprise for YouTube stars finding themselves starting to burn out, trying desperately to keep their viewership up by constantly creating new content.

It becomes a saturated rat race where no one wins because you end up being forced to find stuff to post that’s sub par standard and then views end up tanking.

Quality is what should be rewarded instead. If you should be consistent in anything it’s, making sure that what you do is consistently good and consistent in terms of it’s intent.

By intent, I mean, knowing what it is your posting and who it is for.

One of my favourite YouTube channels is Red Letter Media. They are unique in their approach to reviewing and appraising films and they are hilarious. Their ‘Best of the worst’ series where they watch B movies is a genius idea. They post quality videos consistently and they ship regularly enough but they only do it when it’s ready.

Having an acknowledgment of both consistency and intent is a good starting part when it comes to figuring out how and when you want share your own work with the wider world.

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